Jenna & John – Exquisite Events

“Cheryl is, quite simply, the best, and a pleasure to work with.  Our wedding ceremony and celebration party were months apart, and she covered them both with aplomb.  She was tireless, but unobtrusive.  Of course, the proof is, as they say, in the proofs.  We asked that Cheryl concentrate on candids, rather than set-piece shots, and she came through magnificently.  The final album is one of real memories captured, rather than attendees merely memorialized.  It tells our story, with great production values.  We cannot recommend Cheryl Richards more highly!”

John Barylick and

Jenna Wims Hashway

JennaJohn 0050JennaJohn 0055JennaJohn 0140JennaJohn 0158JennaJohn 0178JennaJohn 0216JennaJohn 0261JennaJohn 0274JennaJohn 0301JennaJohn 0312JennaJohn 0397JennaJohn 0524

Exquisite Events

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