Shelby & Matt – Saltwater Farm Vineyar

  • What a unique venue the Saltwater Farm Vineyard

    ShelbyMatt 0001ShelbyMatt 0002ShelbyMatt 0012ShelbyMatt 0013ShelbyMatt 0018ShelbyMatt 0019ShelbyMatt 0020ShelbyMatt 0026ShelbyMatt 0028ShelbyMatt 0030ShelbyMatt 0031ShelbyMatt 0032ShelbyMatt 0037ShelbyMatt 0038ShelbyMatt 0040ShelbyMatt 0042-2ShelbyMatt 0043ShelbyMatt 0044ShelbyMatt 0049ShelbyMatt 0057ShelbyMatt 0060ShelbyMatt 0061ShelbyMatt 0063

    Creative Team:
    Dress- Monique Lhuillier
    Makeup- Katrina Hess
    Hair-Priscilla Collins
    Florist-Hana Floral Design
    Caterer-Coastal Gourmet


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