Kelsey & Caleb – Amy Kimball Events – The Chanler

  • Romantic wedding at The Chanler in Newport, RI.

    CalebKasey 0001CalebKasey 0003CalebKasey 0004CalebKasey 0005CalebKasey 0009CalebKasey 0010CalebKasey 0014CalebKasey 0015CalebKasey 0018CalebKasey 0019CalebKasey 0025CalebKasey 0028CalebKasey 0030CalebKasey 0032CalebKasey 0036CalebKasey 0038CalebKasey 0039CalebKasey 0040CalebKasey 0041CalebKasey 0042CalebKasey 0043CalebKasey 0045CalebKasey 0049CalebKasey 0050CalebKasey 0051CalebKasey 0052CalebKasey 0053CalebKasey 0054CalebKasey 0055CalebKasey 0056CalebKasey 0057CalebKasey 0061CalebKasey 0062CalebKasey 0063CalebKasey 0064CalebKasey 0065CalebKasey 0067CalebKasey 0068CalebKasey 0069CalebKasey 0070

    Creative Team:
    Amy Kimball Events
    Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design
    Makeup- Katrina Hess
    Hair- Priscilla Collins
    Cake- Cakes to Remember

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